Purchasing Policy


Product availability and display
Hichaud cannot be held liable for inventory shortages. In such cases, Hichaud will advise the buyer as soon as possible. Please note that product colours shown on our website might differ slightly from the actual colours due to screen variations and other technical issues. Hichaud tries to reproduce both colours and products as accurately as possible.

Territory covered

Baby Chou shoes are delivered in Canada and in some US states.


Hichaud reserves the right to decline any order processed on this site. If it is deemed necessary to limit or cancel the quantities ordered, we will advise you as soon as possible.

Prices and payment terms


Product prices are indicated in Canadian dollars for Canadian ans US dollars for Americans. Applicable taxes and transportation are extra. Hichaud reserves the right to change the price of its products without prior notice. Orders are to be paid in their entirety by credit card or PayPal upon confirmation of the order.

Hichaud accepts online payments using Visa or Mastercard.

PayPal secures your payments and handles your confidential credit information. Hichaud sees none of your credit information.


You may cancel completed orders as long as we have not sent a shipping confirmation. Simply contact our service department at info@hichaud.com or use the information request form at (www.babychou.ca/en/Contact-Baby-Chou.shtml).

Please note that our shipping and handling systems are designed to send our orders quickly and efficiently. Once the shipping process has started, you cannot change or cancel your order.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction.

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  3. Parties agreed this agreement is deemed concluded in the province of Québec, judicial district  of Québec, to the domicile of Hichaud inc.